Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Glasses

Sidney wore the metal liner off her old glasses and then her skin started to have a bad reaction to the metal. So to get rid of the sores and green skin, we had to get her new ones. I like them better then her old ones personally.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Can you get more Girlie?

Fun Hadley Pictures

Arts and Crafts

Some time ago my Sister-in-law Tiffany designed a room for Sidney. When she did that she made this cute board with her Initial on it. Now that Sid and Allie share a room Allie wanted one for her. Well we can't make one for her and not for Hadley right. So we made one with an "A" for Alex and one with a "H" for Hadley. They really turned out cute!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Toothless Wonder

Sidney lost three teeth in three days and they are all in the top front of her mouth. There not the first to go, she has lost 2 prior but these look the best. She has three more loose teeth but we thought we had better leave those in for a bit so she can at least eat. Anyways the pictures are the day she lost the second one and the third day when she lost the third one (she kept making faces). The tooth fair now has us on speed delivery...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

So we are now use to life in little Pocatello, we had a party for Hadley on her birthday Jan. 30 and I will try to get pictures of it from my mother. This past friday was mine and Allie's birthday so we had a party with her little friends. She wanted a Strawberry Shortcake cake so that is what I made. It took a while but it looked good when it was done. I have also attched some random photos of the girls growing these last few months.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pocatello Part VI: We. Have. Arrived.

So after a hiatus from blogging (a side-effect of, well, my laziness plus lack of internet service plus settling in at a new place plus an increasingly scattered mind), I'm back. And the great news (not that Tyler blogging isn't great news. I mean, c'mon...)? After a year of commuting to school from one place or another, we're finally in Pocatello. Now instead of driving an hour plus to class and work, it takes just five or so minutes to get to campus. And if I'm feeling green, I can even ride my bike (which I plan on doing as frequently as the weather permits). Sure this house is smaller than our last. Sure Pocatello's a bit strange (but, hey, so are we). But it was either this or life on the street because our last rental got sold out from under us and we had to leave. So why, we figured, not make our way south?

Now we're calling free (though I'm sure that won't last for long *knocks on wood*), the girls have new friends just next door and potential friends in the ward/neighborhood, and we're closer to our Utah families. Oh, and? I won't have to commute anymore...and just as winter sneaks up on us. Happy, happy day.